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Coronavirus under control in Russia – Putin


President of Russia, Vladimir Putin last week said the coronavirus situation was “under control” in Russia and outbreaks of infection had been contained.

Russia reported 114 cases of coronavirus, up from 93 on Monday, with no fatalities.

The country is closing its borders to foreigners from Wednesday, and cultural and sports events have been suspended.

“We were able to contain mass penetration and spread” of the pandemic, the Russian president told a cabinet meeting.

“The situation is generally under control… despite the high risk level,” he said.

On Tuesday, the industry ministry recommended that restaurants introduce special sitting arrangements and mandatory hand washing and for staff to advise people over 60 to go home, according to Russian news agencies.

Putin appealed to the public and the government to “act with self-awareness and organisation and to care for one another,” while urging officials to provide accurate information on the virus.



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