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Alternative medicine: I have cured many people of HIV – Raymond Toyo


An alternative medicine practitioner, who is a physician at T-Gold Health and Wellness Centre, Raymond Tade Toyo, said he has been able to treat cancer and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) patients successfully. As for cancer, as long as it has not reached stage 4, he would be able to reverse it completely.

Mr. Tade Toyo made this known on Saturday as the host of a seminar on Stress and Dis-ease management at Osun Hall, Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos. The seminar which was organized by T-Gold and Wellness Centre was attended by Nigerians from all walks of life.

According to him, stress is one of the major reasons many people fall ill. He stated that there is a need for awareness for people to get proper rest.

He said, “We realized that the major health problems we have in this country are stress related. And many people don’t know the extent of what stress causes to the health, what damage stress can do to the health. They are not aware of that. You see people wake up around 4am and leave the house around 5am. They may not get back till 11pm. Hours in the traffic, mental stress, emotional stress, physical stress, people really don’t know what that would cause in the body.

Speaking of dreadful diseases, he said “In my practice we can handle cancer that has not gone terminal. Let me simply put cancer cases that are between stages 0 to 3 plus. We can cure. And if it has gone to stage 4 it is difficult to treat.

“In the area of heart disease we have recorded success cases. In the area of prostate enlargement, prostate cancer, we have recorded so many. In the area of diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. We have treated stroke patients. Those with stroke are carried to this place but after some time, they are able to walk on their own without support. There are so many other areas that we have recorded success. Alternative medicine is no respecter of any disease. Whether dreaded or minor, once you go back to nature you will be fine. We are natural beings.”

According to the expert, herbal medicine is the best solution for ailments because human beings are natural beings and “You cannot use what is not natural to treat nature.”

“When you use synthetic drugs, you manage the ailment. But when you go alternative, you cure it.”

Speaking of sexually transmitted diseases, he said, “They are minor” and went ahead to give HIV as an example of STD he has cured. He said “we have handled so many cases of HIV. Reversed! Many of them have been reversed.”

“We have cured many people. We reversed it completely. And the period is between the first and the fourth month. The fifth month I will just manage you.”

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