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HOW a discredited former president, Goodluck Jonathan, promoted peace has been highlighted again as an enduring lesson for political players in this political season. Though the story has been told in various forms since 2015 when Jonathan conceded defeat to … Read the rest


The reactions boiled over. As the informed columnist, I am accustomed to such vitriol, especially when they come from the isthmus of ignorance. My column last week simply inspired what was to come. When they did not know how to … Read the rest


On October 1, President Buhari will roll out the drums on his administration’s achievements especially since the last independence anniversary, but more generally since the beginning of his presidency. He will tout his achievements in infrastructure, including massive investments in … Read the rest


Former President Ibrahim Babangida must be relishing his role as the crowned head of our elder statesman.His home in Minna has been turned into a political shrine.

Many of our presidential and governorship aspirants seek his anointing in their quest.… Read the rest