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Bam Bam @32: A celebration of true beauty


Bamike Olawunmi-Adenibuyan, popularly known as Bam Bam is a year older today and fans from all walks of life and diverse nationalities have taken to social media to celebrate her.

The talented mum of one is one of the most celebrated female participants in the history of Big brother Naija for her true beauty.
Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and forms, and one of the most iconic and recognizable is that of Bam Bam. She is not only beautiful physically as we all can see, she is also beautiful on the inside. Her character is based on her hospitality and compassion. True beauty and sexiness comes from confidence and from an innate sense of who you really are. That best defines Bamike.

Unlike many of her counterparts, she doesn’t struggle to shine as she naturally radiates charm. Whether in real life or social media, people are easily drawn to her.

Wishing her a happy birthday, a fan with the handle @Mckanzie_ wrote:
“Happy birthday to my day 1 and fav forever. I’m always in awe of your confidence. You are such an amazing, radiant and full a soul full of compassion. Wishing you all the best things the universe can give to you.”

Another fan Favour of Canada with handle @favoureguoje14 tweeted:
“Happy birthday to my one and only fav. The calmest person I know. I pray for you today that all your hearts desires come to pass and may the riches and blessings of God always be with you. Happy birthday mama Zen.”

There are many more of those messages wishing her a happy birthday.

Bam Bam’s passion is first in the art of communication and then in building mutually valuable relationships with people. She strives for excellence in all that she does in order to achieve set organisational goals and personal fulfillment. In other words, she is an addict for perfection.

A woman of substance, great energy and passion to achieve purpose, driven by the love for humanitarian service, she believes in a world of endless possibilities and an optimistic life-long learner.
She is an Actor, Brand Influencer, great singer, mum, wife and citizen of Nigeria.

Happy birthday Bam Bam.


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